Hi. My name is Tony Miano. Maybe I handed you the gospel tract that led you to this site. Maybe you picked up a tract I placed somewhere, hoping you would find it. Or maybe you picked up a tract that had been discarded by someone else. Regardless of how you received my tract, I'm glad you are here. On this site, you will find wonderful information to assist you in what I hope is your journey to faith in Jesus Christ. I am praying for you.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

North Hollywood Metro Station (July 7, 2012)

If your visiting this blog, today, I hope it is because you received a tract from one of us, at the North Hollywood Metro Station.

In the right column of this blog, you will find a great deal of information, including information for finding a good church in your area. If you live in Santa Clarita, please consider joining me and my family at Faith Community Church. If not, you will find some "church finders" in the right column of this blog.

Most importantly, I pray the Lord blesses you with the gifts of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, and extends to you the gift of eternal life.